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Andrew Webb

Andrew is a Travel Expert who has been covering travel related news for What2doin since Jan 2023. He's usually writing about transport, tourism, sustainability and city life. Like the rest of the team, he loves Edinburgh, but having grown up in Dundee he can’t be parted from the sea for extended periods of time!

Cocoa Beach Florida at Night

Cocoa Beach Florida at Night – What Not to Miss

Cocoa Beach is a popular tourist destination located in Brevard County, Florida. Known for its beautiful beaches and laid-back atmosphere, it is also a great spot for an evening out. While the beach is a must-visit during the day, the fun doesn’t have to stop once the sun sets. In fact, there are plenty of activities to do at Cocoa Beach Florida at night. As a...

Puerto Colon Tenerife Guide, things to do in puerto colon

Puerto Colon Tenerife Guide, The Best Things To Do and See

RECOMMENDED READING: The Best Excursions in Tenerife. Puerto Colon is it a good place to stay for tourists visiting Tenerife? Puerto Colon is a great place to stay for tourists visiting Tenerife. It offers two beautiful beaches, a marina with water sports activities, a wide range of restaurants and bars, and easy access to popular attractions like Siam...

Monthly Weather Guides

Where is Warm? Monthly Weather Guides

Recommended Reading: Flight Essentials People often ask us what the weather is like in various countries throughout the year, so to help, we have listed here our monthly weather guides to many countries, we hope it helps you when choosing your next holiday location! monthly weather guides Fuerteventura Weather by Month: A Comprehensive Guide Dubai (United Arab...

the best ibiza beach clubs and raves guide.

Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Beach Clubs in Ibiza

RECOMMENDED READING: The Best Things to do in Ibiza When you think of Ibiza, what comes to mind? Sun-kissed beaches, vibrant nightlife, and the pulsating rhythm of music echoing through the air. Ibiza isn’t just an island; it’s a lifestyle, an experience that beckons travellers from across the globe. And what better way to soak up the essence of this magnetic island...