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Ibiza town port travel information and review

What To Do In Ibiza: How To Make The Most Of Your Time There

What are the top tourist attractions in Ibiza?

The top tourist attractions in Ibiza include the Old Town (Dalt Vila), Es Vedra, Hippy Market Punta Arabi, Cala Comte Beach, and the iconic clubs like Pacha, Amnesia, and Ushuaïa. These attractions offer a mix of history, natural beauty, shopping, and nightlife to make your time in Ibiza unforgettable.

The town’s of San Antonio, Santa Eulalia and Cala Salada should also be top of your list to visit. Additionally, you can take a guided tour of the Can Marçà cave, located 25 kilometres north of San Antonio, to explore its depths and enjoy a spectacular sound and light show.


Welcome to the spectacular island of Ibiza, where stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, rich history, and natural wonders await. Whether you’re a sun-seeking beach lover, an adventure junkie, or a culture enthusiast, Ibiza has something for everyone. Cala d’Hort is a beautiful beach located on the western coast of Ibiza. The beach boasts crystal clear waters and stunning views of the iconic Es Vedra rock formation. Visitors can rent a boat or kayak from Cala d’Hort to explore the surrounding coves, including the mythical Atlantis and other hidden gems. For those who prefer to stay on land, there are plenty of restaurants and bars offering delicious food and drinks with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. And don’t forget to make a wish while looking out at Es Vedra, as it is believed that wishes made here come true.

Cala Llonga is a beautiful beach located on the east coast of Ibiza, surrounded by pine trees. It is an ideal location for water sports, activities, and shops that cater to families. The beach has crystal clear waters that are perfect for swimming or snorkeling. Along with Cala Comte, Cala Benirràs, Cala Bassa, and Playa de Es Canar, it is one of the most famous beaches in Ibiza. As well as water sports like scuba diving and kayaking, visitors can enjoy fine seafood restaurants overlooking the sea at Sa Caleta and Es Boldadó. Chic beach clubs like Amante near Cala Llonga and Beso Beach by the salt flats are also popular among tourists who want to experience a romantic seaside ambiance while enjoying the stunning views of the sea. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top activities and attractions to make the most of your time on this iconic Balearic Island.

Ibiza Town Dalt Vila

  1. Explore Ibiza Town:

Start your journey by exploring the narrow streets of Dalt Vila, the oldest part of Ibiza Town. This walled enclosure is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and contains museums, medieval houses, and narrow streets with lots of nautical charm. Walking through these streets on foot is the best way to take in the old town’s atmosphere and learn about its history, from its foundation by the Phoenicians in 650BC to the present-day clubbing scene. You can also consider taking a free walking tour to learn about Old Town’s evolution and leave a tip as a gesture of appreciation.

Santa Gertrudis, located at the heart of Ibiza, is a good option for food lovers. It is a charming Mediterranean village that has gained popularity as a foodie destination. It attracts boho-chic families and offers lovely restaurants, bars, and stores selling fringed knick-knacks and organic cotton floaty dresses. It’s a refreshing change of pace from the bustling resort towns with its handful of less-touristy art galleries, boutiques, and shops. If you’re interested in markets, there are several throughout the summer such as Sant Rafael craft market, Santa Gertrudis market, Cala Llonga market, Sant Josep ecological market, and Sant Jordi flea market which is held every Saturday all year round.

ibiza beach Playa d’en Bossa

  1. Enjoy the Beaches:

Ibiza is best known for its beaches, and it’s hard to go wrong with any of them. The best beaches in Ibiza include Cala Bassa, Cala Conta, Cala Salada, and Cala Gracioneta. These beaches offer crystal-clear waters and pristine white sand. If you’re looking for a more secluded spot, head to beaches like Playa de ses Illetes or Platja d’en Bossa. Spend a day touring the beaches by boat for a fantastic way to get to know the island. Whether you’re looking for a party atmosphere or a quiet retreat, Ibiza beaches have something for everyone.

A trip to Ibiza would not be complete without trying bullit de peix, which is a fish stew made with fresh seafood and a saffron-based broth. There are many beach bars and restaurants that serve this dish, including El Bigotes in Cala Mastella and El Boldado on the cliff. In addition to bullit de peix, visitors can also enjoy other seafood dishes like paella or grilled-fish platters at low-key xiringuitos (beach bars) while enjoying the beautiful Balearic weather.

Ibiza’s shallow waters offer a great place to relax and soak up the sun. S’Arenal is a popular urban beach that has shallow waters with fine sand, offering beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. Cala Bassa is another famous beach that has calm turquoise waters. Playa de Es Canar offers shallow waters and nearby bars, making it perfect for those who want to enjoy a drink while lounging in the shallow waters. These beaches are just some of the many places where you can enjoy shallow waters while in Ibiza.

Es Vedrà ibiza boat trip

  1. Embrace Nature in Es Vedrà:

Embark on a boat trip to Es Vedrà, one of the best places to visit in Ibiza, a mystical and captivating rock island located just off the southwest coast of Ibiza. Legend has it that the island is home to sirens and magnetic fields. Enjoy the dramatic cliffs, secret caves, and sparkling waters surrounding it while taking in the awe-inspiring views. Witnessing the majestic sunset from here is an unmissable experience. Make sure to add this remarkable natural structure to your list of things to do in Ibiza. Join a jet ski tour to get a closer look at Es Vedrà.

The island’s marine environment provides numerous dive sites around Es Vedra, making it a great place for beginners to take their first dive. San Antonio is one of the popular dive spots on the island where you can learn and experience diving. So, if you’re looking for adventure and want to explore the depths of Ibiza, diving is definitely something you should try.

One excellent way to explore the island is by taking a catamaran trip around the island or to Formentera. This way, you can enjoy the scenic views of Ibiza’s coastline and enjoy a barbecue while witnessing the sunset.

ibiza hippy market San Carlos

  1. Experience Hippy Culture at Las Dalias:

Visit Las Dalias, Ibiza’s oldest and most famous hippy market, located in the village of San Carlos. This vibrant market offers a bohemian atmosphere filled with colourful stalls, unique crafts, and live music. Barter for unique souvenirs, browse through vintage clothing, and savor delicious street food while immersing yourself in the island’s hippy culture.

There are many food tours that take you to the hidden gems of the island where olive oil tasting is a must-try experience. The olive oil produced in Ibiza is known for its high quality and distinct flavour. Many restaurants serve dishes that highlight olive oil as an important ingredient, from drizzling it over fresh seafood to using it in salad dressings. You can also visit olive oil production farms and vineyards that offer tours and tastings, where you can learn about the process of making olive oil and enjoy the breathtaking views of the island.

One of the must-visit places in Ibiza is Time & Space by Andrew Rogers, an outdoor art installation located between Cala Tarida and Cala Codolar beaches. This unique installation features 13 large basalt stones representing the solar system and placed using a Fibonacci sequence placement system. The tallest stone is ten metres high, creating an impressive sight for visitors. Rogers’ contemporary monument ‘Time and Space, The Speed of Light’ commissioned by Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte is another place to visit while exploring Ibiza’s art and culture scene in Spain.

ibiza Formentera

  1. Discover Formentera:

A short boat ride from Ibiza lies the postcard-perfect island of Formentera. Known for its pristine beaches and turquoise bays, this charming paradise offers an idyllic retreat. Rent a bicycle or scooter to explore the island’s hidden coves, enjoy a leisurely swim or snorkel in the crystal-clear waters, and indulge in fresh seafood in one of the beachside restaurants. Ferries zip across from Ibiza Town to Formentera in around 30 minutes, allowing visitors to easily access this enchanting island.

Ibiza, known for its vibrant nightlife and stunning beaches, also has a rich history of pirate attacks. Visitors can explore the island’s defense towers, built to protect against pirate attacks. From Torre des Molar near Port de Sant Miquel in the north to Torre des Carregador or Torre de Campanitx in the east, down to Torre de ses Portes on the southernmost tip of Ibiza, each tower offers a unique historic story. One can also visit Puig de Missa, the gleaming-white hillside old town, crowned by a 16th-century fortified church where people once took refuge from pirate attacks. Check out the Puig de Missa church – Nearby you’ll find a graveyard, small cultural museum, and old water mill — but be warned, the area is steep so expect a decent workout to reach the summit. Don’t be shy to step inside between 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, to look at the architecture from the inside.


Ibiza is renowned for its party scene, with world-famous nightclubs and all-night parties. However, there is much more to the island than just partying. Visitors can explore the ancient shrines and dramatic 16th-century ramparts that snake around Dalt Vila in Ibiza Town. They can also enjoy stunning beaches and sunsets in San Antonio, which also boasts a party scene. For those looking for a change of pace, the bucolic countryside dotted with olive and citrus groves offers a peaceful escape from the party scene. Additionally, partygoers can join the party in Ibiza Town and experience the dazzling nightlife around the marina, where they can witness an endless parade of stilt walkers, dancers, and outrageously clad club promoters in the old fishing quarter of La Marina and Sa Penya.

Ibiza is a diverse and enchanting destination in Europe that has enchanted travellers for more than 3,000 years. From exploring historical sites and embracing the vibrant nightlife to indulging in water sports and discovering hidden natural gems, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or a mix of both, Ibiza offers some of the best things to do. So, pack your bags, immerse yourself in the unique island culture, and create memories that will last a lifetime. If you’re on any of the other Balearic Islands, there are usually services that go from Ibiza to Mallorca and Formentera.